Codes, builds, designs, writes about the web, and documents random thoughts.

^^ that’s pretty much the gist.


In the modern state of the internet, why a website and not an app profile? The answer is fairly straight forward: Because I own this content. Not Facebook. Not Twitter… just me. I get to choose what you see, not an algorithm, and I get to own what I say.

Read more about the “why” on IndieWeb.



This website is hosted on a Linode VPC. The website itself is running on Nginx in a Docker container on top of an Ubuntu instance.

I’ve hosted almost all of my websites with Linode and can’t recommend them enough. Here’s a referral code/link for a $100 credit: https://www.linode.com/lp/refer/?r=7eed963ba42b926a0106b502fb0dac47f57e4472

SSL Certificate

SSL cert provided by Let’s Encrypt.


Everything you see here is generated statically via Jekyll along with a couple of plugins to make life easier:

One day I’ll write a story on configuring Docker and Jekyll (along with webpack and all its stuff) and how I got everything to play nicely while keeping my content seperated from pressentation.

I usually use MacDown for Markdown editing and for writing posts, pages, notes, etc. The content you see here on the site was likely created and edited with it. Also a good chance I’ll make quick edits to content in VSCode… or as a last resort, Vim.


The design is my own as is the markup and css. I’m using Bootstrap 5 for the CSS framework along with their icon set.

I’m using JetBrains Mono for the font you’re seeing.

Built For Humans and Pets

The web was built for people, which is why you’ll see the HumansTxt banner and I’d be amiss for not mentioning PetsTxt in the same sentance.

Please take a moment to checkout the websites for both organizations.


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Codes, builds, designs, writes about the web, and documents random thoughts.